Yesterday when I was hypomanic

I made a lot of threads yesterday morning and now I don’t feel like checking them so don’t feel offended if I don’t respond to your post. Anyways I’m seeing my old therapist today for the first time since June!!! Doing good :blush:.


Good to hear you are doing well Jon!

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Last night I came to the revelation I shouldn’t be ambitious. I am constantly fighting ambition, reasoning with “do nothing” fighting these urges, giving into these urges. I want peace of mind. Today I have it but tomorrow probably won’t?? So freaking bipolar I am to go along with the schizo it’s kinda unfair… but I handle it well.

So you have SZ and bipolar?

Schizoaffective bipolar type but yeah. The moods or dispositions is what bothers me the most these days. The delusions I have seem to go along with the moods. Back before meds I didn’t think I had the bipolar and only the schizophrenia but as things settle down I realize the sza bipolar dx is appropriate!

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