Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of my first suicide attempt

It has me thinking about that night, and in general that period of my life.

There was never any danger of me dying that night, but I didn’t know that. I thought it would be lethal, and I finally was completely fed up after 5 years of nonstop depression and SI; I was ready to die, at 20 years old. I’d spent five years dealing with depression and SI, as well as psychotic symptoms, suffering in silence. It started when I was a minor, and I knew my dad would not allow me to take meds; he would’ve told me to snap out of it. When I finally did start taking meds he hated it.

Anyway, all I did the night of Jan 15, 2000 was take a box of Unisom and a glass of tequila. I’d heard of people killing themselves with sleeping pills and liquor, didn’t realize those were done with prescription sleeping pills. I just slept for 12 solid hours, woke up briefly, then slept another 4 hours.

But yeah, just thinking and ruminating over these things today and yesterday.

Thank you for reading.


I think it was 2015 when i made my second attempt. I did the same as you - prescribed sleeping pills and a lot of them. Woke up in the hospital much, much later. Thankfully i look back on that day and i’m happy i survived. But i was like you - fed up with the major depression, and developing psychotic symptoms.


Unisom is actually a brand of OTC sleeping pills here in the US. I just didn’t know any better.


I was suicidal about four years ago. I’m so happy that I didn’t do anything crazy. I was in a very bad psychosis.

I hope you’re feeling better now.

:blue_heart: :sunny:


Listen up guys, when I had my suicide attempt. That’s actually when I found out I was taking the wrong prescription. I don’t blame the Gastroenterologist, he’s the one that verified I was not receiving the pills he subscribed. I do not blame the pharmacy. The ■■■■■■ up part is that there were two main pharmacist, and one of them did it on purpose so her son could… ah never mind. Recently (about like… 3 years ago?) the dude called and asked for some number. Grrr. Heh.

Oh my suicide attempt, a long time ago. I do not take those ■■■■ muscle relaxants now known as pain killers. They were Percocet. The sad part is that I do most definitely know Doctors are good people and so are the medical assistants and nurses. There is good medicine…


Glad you chose to stick around. Truly am.


You’re not alone. I tried to kill myself once by drinking hand sanitizer, only to find out it was the nontoxic type.

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