Yesterday was excellent

Let’s see… Yesterday, I:

Turned in some paperwork to keep me on Medical Assistance, VERY important as the Abilify would cost over $1000 per month without it

Got replacement frames for my glasses, since the previous pair broke, so I’m not wearing my stupid oversized old glasses any more

Spent some time with a friend, he needed a ride to work so I drove him to the mall he works at

At said mall, went into an antique store and found a 1950s US Marines Lance Corporal’s trench coat, in perfect condition, for $36

Met up with my boyfriend and had a lovely dinner with him

And took a cute picture of myself with the new glasses (not with the coat, unfortunately)

So all in all, a wonderful day! I was exhausted by the end of it, but it was worth it. How has everyone else been? I hope you all have good days too!


Nice glasses, I like the colors - really good photo

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I need glasses badly.

But i don’t want them.

so i just get blinder and blinder.

Hasn’t really bothered me to be honest.

I actually like wearing glasses! I think my face looks funny without them. I just hope these last longer than the last pair, they broke after a week!

Let me guess, they broke during your sky dive?

I’ve never been skydiving… They broke just by taking them off too vigorously. They cost less than $20 after shipping, and they sent free replacement frames, so I can’t really complain.

To much vigor i suppose can be a bad thing.

Depends on your context, really :smile:

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Great photo----!

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Thank you so much!

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I too get a sweet deal on my abilify when it should cost over $1000 a month but costs a reasonable amount instead.

Today was probably the best day in a while. Started a volunteer job and it was just overall a great day. Did a lot of reading and stuff.


I like your glasses😊

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Thanks, I like them too! :smile:

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1000 dollars that’s crazy. May I ask how much it costs with a medical plan?

It’s completely covered for me, I’m on state assistance. I take six different medications, they’re all covered, I wouldn’t be able to take them otherwise. Though apparently I have to figure out how to afford my blood thinners, because they’re capping my pills per month at 34 and I need 60.

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I think those are very nice glasses. Glad you got a chance to get some new ones.

Thank you for posting this… It sure does help to read about some nice days.

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Lookin’ good! Best of the season to ya!


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