Yesterday so well,today so bad

Yesterday,meeting so many people I have done so well feelings so good but today back to work and it stresses my mind and I got depress,why is this?

I get what I call ‘people hangover’, if I ever deal with a lot of people, the following day is bad.


It’s probably like @everhopeful said and to describe it in greater detail I think it can happen because the euphoria of having such a good rapport with people for several hours straight makes you come crashing down when everything has calmed down.

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I get people hangover too - the voices get louder too… a nightmare.

Kate xxx

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That is a great term…

I get this as well… I go out one day… see many people… do many things… work hard to interact a lot and then the next day… batteries fully depleted and I feel empty and like I’m starting to crumble.

People hang over is a perfect way to describe it.


Thanks guy and thanks everhopeful for the term “people hangover”,I guess I need to balanced up my day and feel okay also during weekday

Work gets like that. I try not to think about it too much, but going to bed every night knowing you will have to get up early and spend 8 hours doing the same thing every day can get you depressed.

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maybe its going from one thing to another, might take a bit of time to adjust but i think you will be ok, stay strong :slight_smile:

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Thank you 77nick77 and daydreamer,really appreciate it

If you need motivation to go to work, just tell yourself how depressed you would be if you didn’t have a job to go to every day.

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I have never been out of job but I have only had one job which is working for my family,I think maybe being out of job might be worst for my mental health,I will try to go to work everyday

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Yes, I think working is good for you in many ways. If I have nothing to do I tend not to do so good.

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Yea,everybody says that but sometimes when I go to work I am stressed,and I get a lot of mood and behavior issue,I look crazy sometimes and I don’t like it,like recently I was having a lot of stressed at work,till I feel very depressed and tired lol

sometimes it fells like your brain is still connected to them almost like they are a headache