Yesterday second injection doctor says third one will make me better

yesterday second injection doctor says third one will make me better

resperidol consta


How much it costs…??? Sagar…!!!



37.5 mg

one injection every 14 days


Are u happy now…are ur symptoms Subsided…??

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message to my friends and myself

Target that something and improve that something.


Sagar today is saturday how are u spending ur time…!!


I am on my bed …trying to nap…

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I love you Sagar Gorijala!!! @anon93437440


Dear Sagar Gorijala, you are like that genius programmer that writes amazing code but does not leave any comments explaining it to the rest of human kind. Only few can truly understand and comprehend your awesome writings :smiley:


I can’t understand you, Sagar. I’m not profound.


I also don’t understand sagar’s quote. I found nothing productive.

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@anon68148378 @SkinnyMe I’ve done my best to understand it, hope it’s accurate :smiley:

[1/3] I believe that he philosophize the concept of different point of views on the same “something”, while that “something” is a state of the perceived universe at a given time.
He begins with “Something always happens now”, time always going forward and the universe changes with it, so the “something always happens” can be the change in the universe as time goes on. And nothing else ‘always happens now’ but the smallest changes in the universe at a given time delta.
Then he says we can’t completely rely on our perception because it’s flawed “something is in question”, he explains, by changing a point of view it can be seen differently to the point of looking like not the same “something”.

[2/3] I guess it related to physics and the fundamentals on which our world is built on. I disagree with the latter part of “every state of being has its own existence” because there might be possible state of being that do not exist, so such statement isn’t a certain one.

[3/3] Here he talks about self reflection. While you can’t really record brain activity on paper, because it will take too much paper a and technology we don’t have yet (and will be impossible to understand) , I believe that he refers to writing his thoughts and looking at them later. He says reading his older writing reminds him of the past and shows him imperfections that he sees now, after a while “also a buffer* for improvement”.

*Only the definition of buffer from the computer field “data buffer” makes sense in this context.


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