Yesterday I went to buy an Arizona ice tea

I’m waiting in line behind a guy going really slow and I show him my one dollar bill I am about to just put it on the counter and leave. Because Arizona ice tea‘s are always a dollar. The clerk says “wait up a minute”. He was about my age. Big loser guy. And he says “let me scan it”. I say ok. It’s 1.05… he’s like “1.05”. I take out a dime and give it to him tell him to keep the change. I hope this loser gets his rocks off on getting an extra 10 cents from me than usual. Or he feels guilt when I show that 5 cents means nothing other than wasting my time being a prick.


Maybe he was bad at his job and didn’t know how to input the tea manually. Or his boss scared the crap out of him about not doing his job properly. I’d give him some slack. Just trying to make a living.

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Lol I didn’t like him at all. He was just the vibe of a prick. No one would like this guy.

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Oh chewy :joy:


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