Yesterday i was in psychosis and i didnt have insight about it

This past 2 days, i was having racing thoughts and i couldnt sleep well, my mind was poping negative thoughts, i started to analyze, remember conversations… Anyways yesterday i went to bed around 11 and i couldnt sleep untill 1:30, i woke up took ativan and went to sleep, today i slept 4 hours anf feel refreshed, i was still convinced of those memories and i acted upon. I called my friend and asked him something but not all, and it turn out i was having false memorries, i just dont get it if this means i am on low dose or its the withdrawal symptoms, i recently lowered anoter 10% and today is 12th day.

if you are lowering your dose maybe that is your problem, i hope you have consulted your care team about this but whatever you do don’t forget that you can always take your normal dose again to get back to normal if things are not working out.

I dont want to up my dose for now, i have to hang on and see if its because i am on low dose or its withdrawal symptoms, if this things happens again than i will up the dose just a little. Unfortunatly there is no standard withdrawal symptoms with everyone, i wouldnt know untill i wait and bare my tortering mind. So far i am calm and not into my thoughts.