Yesterday and today is very hot

I have not slept the whole night because it was very hot yesterday and today the temperature will be 41°C(Yahoo! weather forecast) in about three hours more. I want to sleep but the weather is preventing me to fall asleep (no airconditioner, just a fan and a heater). Even tropical countries are not that hot.

You have my sympathy. That kind of heat with no air conditioning is rough.


i had the opposite yesterday. our furnace wasnt working and it was getting really cold.
one of my roommates friends must of turned the furnace switch off when he was drunk on new years looking for a light switch… so it was a cold night! i went to my parents place to grab a small portable heater for my room. turned the switch back on today

haha, extreme weather is always not comfortable.

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-32C here with wind chill. Just had to shovel white stuff off my driveway yet again today.

Want to trade?



Would imagine it would be very very humid there too. One trick I picked up on the internet was wrap a wet cloth like a t-towel behind your neck around you shoulders when you go to sleep. Does seem to help. With the fan on it will help more. I have a little ice fan. Which works like a A/C to a point but blows out cold air and perfect for the heat when I sleep. You fill the containers up with water and freeze them. Placing them in the slots and it blows out cold air. Not very effective for a room but does help me get to sleep most very hot nights. Think I brought mine for like less then $40.00 aud

In the meanwhile keep cool and keep hydrated.