Yes2Me Scholarships (British Columbia)

Through the “Yes 2 Me” Scholarship Program, the Otsuka-Lundbeck Alliance and B.C. Schizophrenia Society are celebrating the efforts of young people living with mental illness by rewarding them with an incentive to pursue their educational goals and confidently build a better self for their bright future ahead.

Scholarship Awards: 12 scholarships of $1000.00
Application Deadline: November 14, 2016


It’s for British Columbia residents. Hence the (British Columbia) in the title.

The problem with these scholarships is that they’re all for regular university and college. I can’t last that long around a crowd. We need more alternate programs for those who learn better by themselves.

I get your point,but how would that work? Are we talking distance learning or one to one education?

I’m thinking of taking an online degree, I hated forced socialization when I went back to school

Ding. There are not nearly enough Distance Ed options. Schools like to have bums in physical seats.