Yes we can🦁

Some time ago I asked my psychiatrist if it was possible to cure schizoaffective disorder and do without the medicines. He said that in mild cases like mine it was possible.

I only have very light obsessions that take 1-2 hours a day and 1-2 intrusive thoughts a day. For the rest, my thoughts are as fluid as oil
I have no positive or negative symptoms. No suspiciousness or paranoia.

What I do?
I run almost every day, before the quarantine I was swimming, I watch TV series, travel documentaries, I listen to indie-pop music.

Then I am lucky enough to have friends and a large family behind me who loves me that spurs me to joke and dialogue

What are your symptoms? what situation are you in?

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I can’t say I am a mild case. I have tried more than 10 APs. I have positives now, but almost no negatives. Just a bit of laziness

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I think you can fight laziness by doing it. You don’t have to be too demanding of yourself. The hard part is to start but who starts well is halfway through the work. In small steps. Rome was not built in a day! :wink:

As for the positive symptoms you have to try to concentrate less on yourself, introject less and try to project yourself outside on practical things like tv, sports, books

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What about those that can’t start at all or don’t have this ability?

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Why can not you?

I feel like killing myself all the time. My psy said I have SZ with apathy and avolition. He wrote it in my diagnosis and work report. Avolition is complete lack of motivation. My brothers drag me into the shower every 8-10 days. I am not even motivated enough to shower. I stay in bed all day except 2 times/week I force myself to play video games.

I don’t have negative or positive symptoms. My life is in pretty good order. I need meds to be like that though, if I come off meds I start to become stressed, paranoid and overwhelmed.

I’ve had it for 6 years. I spent my first two years with the disease very delusional and ended up homeless for a little bit then in jail in a solitary confinement cell for 5 months, then with medicine and time the delusions went away. I finally found a medicine that doesn’t have horrible side effects and the only problem I have now are hallucinations, mainly voices. Most often the voices are nice but sometimes they get really mean and it’s very harrowing. I’ll go months with very few problems then experience a week or two of hell.

Doesn’t sound like it…maybe your disease gets better

Talk to your psychiatrist if you feel like coming off meds.

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it is the symptom that makes the diagnosis. diagnosis means nothing. Schizophrenia means nothing. Apathy and avolition mean nothing. You must also be able to motivate and not take refuge in the excuse of a diagnosis.
being in bed all day is your behavior. start by taking responsibility for it. :slightly_smiling_face:

try to build your motivation brick by brick. you could sunbathe in the garden, go for a walk, watch a TV series you are passionate about, read a book. so you will be motivated. appetite comes with eating :wink: the important thing is to start :slightly_smiling_face:

It means nothing for you bcz you don’tbhave them.

I can’t read books. I have tried for more than 10 years. All I can do is eat, sleep, listen to music and play video games twice a week. Trust me my psy and family and I tried very hard for over 10 years.

I’m just saying that the symptoms, not the diagnosis, are important and the symptoms are our behaviors that we can modify

I used to think this. I used to go in with an unstoppable attitude that if I just sorted the way I thought out that I would have no more problems. It doesent work like that though. You have those problems because there is something physically wrong with you. You never get over the illness, you just improve your condition. You can try coming off meds if you want but your mental state might deteriorate even if you still dont have negative or positive symptoms. If meds make me have a better quality of life, then obviously I am going to keep taking them.

I’m mild and was highly functional until I was stupid enough to get a diagnosis then put on medication.

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