Yes, I'm fine

You can try to repress the topic of mind control because it doesn’t jive with the community,
and call me crazy, but all of this was something I had to research to understand, it was
nothing conceived on my part into a psychotic rambling. You do what you must do when
the stakes are high, when your life is threatened or when the obvious isn’t enough
to give you pause in making sense. There really is no way out and the time’s are
a’changin’ as we soon found out from Edward Snowden.


Whatever keeps you happy, I guess.

…and healthy :slight_smile:

I mean, @notmoses is just very rigid when it comes to all sorts of ideologies ( or Marxist’s false beliefs although that is not exact definition, because ideologies are beliefs that became natural and universally true).
I’m just too much into postmodern scepticism to give anything a sole right on the Truth whether it is Buddhism, empirism, atheism, monotheism or whatever.

But I think…some things are easier to be discussed privately than on the boards. And that’s what you two should do.

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Yeah, I have a skepticism too about most of the things I might strongly believe in, because I don’t want to be too glorified in my own assumptions of what is right and wrong, or worth following, so it’s kind of like, believe, but hold on loosely.

I don’t like to talk about mind control on this site, and I know it always gets shut down, but it did hit a nerve when it was mentioned, and I really don’t think that people have any idea the sorts of victims and how to help.

I’ve tried PM’s with @notmoses, but most times he never responds.

Sometimes they look at me kinda strange, they say “surely you’re not happy now, you no longer play the games”

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Yes, the great John Lennon. That describes my working life right now.

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VERY much agreed. And what I am discovering once again here on this forum is that the topic is every bit as much a taboo here as it is en vivo… even though it is so obvious to anyone with an understanding of cult manipulation dynamics how they play out – mostly (often entirely) unconsciously and without mens rea or wanton sadistic sociopathy – in the families of origin of those with the still-dormant genetic pre-dispositions for hyper-sensitvity and stimulus overload in the limbic system.

Further, it’s not really any mystery to me as to why the sz community – including many professionals – is unwilling to observe to notice to recognize to acknowledge to accept to own to appreciate to understand to discharge/digest the emotions involved to get up out of this proscribed “box.” (It is perhaps, the single biggest stumbling block to helping the psychotic pt get “well.”)

The consensus trance (see the link below) that 99.99% of people live within imposes such stringent – and anxiety-inducing – moral sanctions that the vast majority of people see any form “evil” as conscious and willful, when in fact, the great majority of it is not. It is just a “dangerous ignorance” that is the expectable result of the interpersonal interaction in a cult-ure that has been (equally unconsciously) made ignorant (meaning conceptually unaware and perceptively challenged) to serve the interests of the somewhat more aware accumulators of wealth and power. (Are we “game pieces” to their “players?” Hmm.)

I – and others I know (Sigmund Freud, Emile Durkheim, Friederich Nietzsche, Hermann Hesse, Charles Cooley, C. Wright Mills, Kurt Vonnegut, Charles Tart, Peter Berger, Max Weber, Franz Neumann, Martin Buber, Arthur Deikman, Joel Kramer, Daniel Goleman, Jiddu Krishnamurtu, et al, et al) – could/can see that, but most who can understand that the number of dots one has to connect together to be able to see it is too great, and the emotions they will have to process too many and too threatening. Most of us understand that it is this “dangerous ignorance” that will do mankind in, and which may have already set the environmental wheels in motion.

cc: @Sarad @SzAdmin

There really is not a dangerous ignorance, it’s a matter over if you have live it, you know what it’s like. Most people are simply put off by notions of “otherness” that involve a trapping uncommon to most, but all the more substantiated by the few who claim such victimization, so there is this trying to pound away at the surface of things to get people to listen, to take heed, to help in any way. but that in itself is futile, since the laws, and the workings of the world will only tolerate so much that is actual and truth-filled, and not entirely based on a set of circumstances beyond anyone’s control. John Glenn spoke of this. Others have. Dennis Kusinich, and many others. They want to help, but cannot, so the people addressing them are silenced.

You know what…whatever.
Who am I to play a smartass here? I’m drown in the same ■■■■ I try to criticise.
And what I say is taken the way It was never directed. So. I’m off.

I didn’t mean anything against you, Sara, I hope you will stay. It’s Friday night after all.

“How can one ever hope to change what one refuses to admit?” – Marsha Linehan (the inventor of the most widely acknowledged and research-supported psychotherapy in use today, DBT).

As I have suggested before, see how your beliefs work for you. (I had to become teachable to stop drinking.)

I think we all are. One of the things that helps me the most here is remembering ■■■■ I should be doing/thinking but am not when I try to help other people here.

You of all people cannot believe that what happened to me, destroyed me??? It caused all of my schizophrenia and made a claim on my livelihood and has not stopped since. You know what, I’m done trying to convince people that this ■■■■ is happening. I know this board has no room for it. If you have half a heart, try to see that people all over this world suffer electronic abuses that amount to absolute torture!! And if you can’t see it because I’m schizophrenic, maybe you should ask your nearest journalist, because they are all watching.

To be honest, you sound a little paranoid. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame you. I have my own battles with demons real or imagined.

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I like you @crimby and I wish we were actual friends. Thanks for the heads up, but it’s too late.

Uhhh, hmmm.

What I can see – just as clearly as any other recovering substance abuser – is that, after admitting your alcoholism several times on this forum while you were in one of your more edified – but still dis-integrated – alters, the other alters who have control of Daze’s mental “senate” continue to remain at the denial / pre-contemplation stage of (non-) recovery.

Unless or until you move up at least one level to contemplate / consider (let alone identify / accept or commit / take action), there is no chance that things will change for you… and that the sz you claim to have (that looks way more like level 3/4 borderline to me, because you do seem to have one foot in reality enough to function at the necessities of life level) will never get “better.”

I have worked with hundreds of patients like you for 28 years. I fully understand that I am pissing into a hurricane because the “senate majority” sees me as the “awful father” (or mother) you had but cannot allow yourself to observe to notice to recognize to acknowledge to accept to own.

But I am not the one who suffers for that.

I appreciate your input, @notmoses, that it comes from a source of recovery, thank you. I will hopefully get there, but these larger issues plague me, and keep me from achieving such goals. I wish you could see it the way I see it, but of course that is not possible.