Yes, i am mad

so i went to my appointment with the clinical psychologist, she looked at me , and for the first time i saw in her eyes that ’ look ', no words were spoken just the ’ look '…that i am actually mad.
i was a little taken aback…a little offended.
then i asked the mad hatter to pass me a cup of tea…" two lumps please “, i said.
" there you go, " said the mad hatter.
" thank you, " i said.
" who are you talking too ? " said the white rabbit to the mad hatter.
" to dark sith of course, see at the end of the table !” said the mad hatter…to the white rabbit.
the rabbit thought for a bit and whispered to the mad hatter…" oh, the mad one !?! ".
take care


It’s a Monday probably a touch of Mondayitis. If your weather was anything like mine last night. Lack of sleep would also be a huge issue.

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i am on top of a mountain now, it was 10 degrees last night…
but it is unusually warm here.
where i used to live it was tops of 48-50 degrees .
eye ball melting temperature.
take care

Last time I checked last night around 10pm it was 23oC at something like 63% Humidity. Was something similar in some of the Eastern states.

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…mmmmmmm…nice temperature…not !?!
i remember when i lived off the mountain…sleeping on the wet concrete floor under a fan all night spraying water into the air to try and cool things down…it was still 33 degrees at midnight…aarrhhhh the good old days !?!
take care


Dry heat I can cope with, hot and humid not so much… Especially at night!.. Fries my brain also…I can’t really complain though it was the first real hot day we have had so far this spring… Look at us, talking on the weather lol.

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two sz talking about the weather one thinks he’s god, the other one is god…lol
humidity does my head in, good thing i don’t live in darwin…they have ’ the silly season up there '…though thinking about it, i would probably fit in …
take care

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The best thing about belonging here is if your not mad, we will train you!


that’s funny…that thought will keep me entertained all day !
take care

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