Yes. I am afraid to be happy

Because as soon as I am happy, the axe falls. Someone spoils all the fun.

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You deserve to be happy Chordy!


Yes, at least some of the time.

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Or another thing, someone disturbs the peace.

I feel afraid to be happy at times too but we all deserve to be happy… don’t let people steal your joy… we suffer enough as it is.

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I’m conditioned to sadness

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people are after happiness. so, everybody deserve to be happy.

I know very weird
Everytime I’m excited or happy something my phycosis flares up or Everytime I eat my favorite foods.


Me too! When things go very well I get paranoid when bad things will happen again. And when bad things happen a lot I get paranoid too!

And sometimes I find when I worry about things I am more prepared for worst and then almost always it works out better, so although I worried for nothing, it was worth it :laughing:

if I expect the best I sometimes get disappointed so prefer to prepare for negative events possibly occurring. Even though this makes me paranoid a bit!

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