Yes I admit it's getting better

I’ve been on abilify for about three months. And today/tonight I feel great :slight_smile: I have come to the conclusion that IF anyone is spying on me, then they have no life. So screw 'em! Carpe diem!

I hope you are all well and feeling blessed.

I was reading the last chapter in Dueteronomy last night and it touched me so much, I cried tears of joy. I feel like I’ve made my peace with God.


You a Beatles fan?

I have been feeling pretty similar. I’m on haldol and latuda though. If someone is so bored they are watching me then they have no life.

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I sure am :slight_smile: Thank you for catching that.

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Glad to hear you’re feeling better.

Wut? How’d you deduce that sherlock?!

Im on risperidone and i feel pretty good my voices have stopped for the last three months so im pretty happy maybe their is and end to this i hope so