Yerba Mate Helping Brain Damage


That’s fair. We should always provide scientific data to back up our claims. This is a study that used DNA coding to verify the ingredients of 100 different supplements

What is listed on the label of herbal products is not always what is found within the product. DNA barcoding was able to authenticate 48% of the products tested (Figure 2). However, most (59%) of the herbal products tested contained species of plants not listed on the labels (Figure 2). Some (33%) of the authenticated herbal products also contained contaminants and or fillers not listed on the label (Figure 2).

From the FDA government website

Yes. Many supplements contain active ingredients that have strong biological effects in the body. This could make them unsafe in some situations and hurt or complicate your health. For example, the following actions could lead to harmful – even life-threatening – consequences.

A study showing that Yerba Mate specifically increases the risk of cancer

A study showing the risks of combining St John’s Wort with prescription meds

Combining St. John’s wort with certain antidepressants can lead to a potentially life-threatening increase of serotonin

If you have any further questions, I would be happy to provide you with further research. As always, discuss all supplements with your doctor before trying them, and treat them no differently than prescription medication.


Good to start off on the same page. :clap::clap:

I haven’t read the study but thanks I will. Here I am in total agreement.

Third Party Certification of Purity

I would recommend that any herb or supplement purchased is done from a reputable vendor that displays independent Third Party Certification of Purity of its products.


My personal stance is to RESEARCH & MICRODOSE every new herb or supplement and SLOWLY raise the amount taken to get to the minimum dose that is recommended or has an effect on you. This ensures there is no sudden allergic reaction.

A very valid word of caution. :clap:

MAO & Enzyme Inhibitors

Researching herbs also mitigates the risk of possible negative interactions with MOA inhibitors or other enzyme inhibitors that break down other drugs - hence causing them to rise to dangerous levels.


Emergency Assistance

if you start to feel any major body symptom - feverishness , extreme heart palpitations, sweating, nausea/vomiting , cold or diverseness Regardless of any substance you take - Medication or Herbal remedy then you need to take that Very seriously and seek immediate medical advice - either seeing a doctor or calling some help line/ or online help.

However the Benefits of Herbs/Supps outweigh the Risks

Given all the caution above there is a lot of scientific research in favor of using Herbs/ Supplements as useful Adjuncts to prescribed meds - used of course in conjunction with medical advice if not supervision.

Now to take this up a notch a tad I think just quoting scary :scream: research is not enough. :male_detective:
It has to be recent and relevant.

For example this below -

While the study obviously is a worry it is quite symptomatic of the sort of scaremongering :cold_sweat: that researchers do trying to make a name for themselves or get funding for their next gig. :fire::zap:

For example look at the conclusion “Evidence in the literature
suggests that maté consumption is carcinogenic and plays a role in the
development of cancers of the oral cavity, pharynx, larynx, and
esophagus.” :alien::skull_and_crossbones:

It downplays this - “The populations included in many of these studies also used alcohol and tobacco products, confounding the influence of maté as an independent risk factor.” :joy_cat:

Further- more recent studies go on to state …" there is no sound population-based case-control study on mate consumption as a risk factor for cancer" :innocent:

I guess my concern is that to dismiss @TheBest 's or others (myself , @Green, etc ) search for workable supplements as some dangerous activity is being overly cautious. :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

Believe me I know what over cautious means - I come from the nanny state of Australia which banned Tryptophan for YEARS …and then all of a sudden now it is safe to be put on the shelf! @rogueone will vouch for that I am sure :cricket_bat_and_ball:

It would be a great shame that in encouraging caution we put the brakes on responsible exploring of herbal/supp adjuncts to our AP meds.

Dont you Agree ? :two_hearts::kiss::fireworks:


I am in favor of people who validly research supplements, speak with their doctors, and always buy from reputable sources. I am not in favor of people who hear about a supplement and immediately try it out in themselves, frequently taking too much, or taking supplements that interact negatively with each other. People shouldn’t treat themselves as guinea pigs because of the false belief that supplements are less dangerous than prescription medications.


Makes sense to me @ninjastar


It really bothers me you are so new and pushing supplements in our face…personally I don’t trust you.


Fair enough @jukebox


Sorry the way I go about things. It’s the only way I learn. I’ve gotten a lot out of the threads I’ve made. Plus there’s a medication and vitamins forum. Sometimes I post just on the medications and vitamins forum and it shows up to the schizophrenics.


Thats what I love about this forum and the sz community generally - brutally honest. Its so refreshing to hear things like this - seriously. Half the time I spend trying to decode metaphors and coincidences around me and try and read if I am being set up.

I honestly thought (and still kinda half do…ok quarter) that @ninjastar was setting me up with her over the top reference to herbs being “1000x more dangerous than FDA approved drugs…” and then there was @rogueone chiming in and I can see he’s from Australia as I am …and I am thinking …"oh oohh…here we go again …what sort of set up is this…? " …but I choose to recognize my paranoia and act like it isnt there.

I respect this forum as I can identify with people here and relate to what is being said because I live it and have lived it.

But by the same token to silence someone new with “I dont trust you” is in my view skirting dangerous close to contravening the sites policy on social etiquette. I may be wrong and would encourage discussion on what is the appropriate mode of dialogue here.

I make no pretense that I share @TheBest 's desire to find supplements/meds/herbs to improve my sz life. Life has smacked us in the face and left us in a deep well. I personally cant see any way out apart from researching and safely trying herbs/supplements/etc as a useful adjunct to my meds (which frankly saps the joy of life from me).

To me that is logical - maybe you don’t agree. That is your right and I respect that. Please respect my right to to try and find a solution to better my life and not try and shut down reasonable debate with “I dont trust you”.

Would you say that if I professed to being Transsexual ? Gay? Chinese? Black? or even for arguments sake a flat earther? a believer in UFO’s ?..I would hope not…if you disagreed you would use logic and appeal to evidence as @ninjastar did above.



On the note of being brutally honest.
I like your style @unaventures .
I admire your unconventional approach and exceptional brain power.
I believe that you can be a better version of yourself by learning how to manage your emotions and be less manipulative, it gives people a bad impression of you.


I would like to caution you against conflating someone’s beliefs with who they are as a person. A person can grow and learn, thus changing their beliefs. But someone can never change their race or gender identity. It is just who they are. Please try to remember that, because we have members of all races, genders, and cultures on this site, and they don’t like being compared to folks who are obviously illogical and misinformed.


I would like to caution you against being too rigid and judgmental …can’t change their gender identity?
BTW this aussie news site is generally respected - at any rate unlikely to be fake news


Cheers. Appreciate the advice even though it hurts. :cold_sweat:


WhT I mean is, someone is born a certain gender. For some folks, it takes a long time to discover what that identity is, and they try out a few before they get it right. And we take respect very seriously here. If you’re not on board with treating all people like people, this isn’t the right place for you.


It’s true that the rhetoric @unaventures used was a bit extreme, but the intention behind that was to ask for respect for a thing that was meaningful to una. (In this case idea that una values)
Replying with “people who don’t respect others aren’t welcomed here” on a conversation that was based around una feeling disrespected by another member is a bit harsh. especially when taking in count the fragile state una was during the conversation.
I’d hate to see such an interesting member leave because of a feeling of rejection. Been there myself btw, ninja actually helped me at the time and I feel grateful for that ! :slightly_smiling_face:

After we got this out of the way,
You are welcome here @unaventures ! don’t mind the haters, you are great !


Yeah, I was a bit overly protective there. I get naturally defensive over trans issues, but it’s unfair to expect everyone to just understand the whole community and all the correct terms without being taught. Sorry for baring my teeth.


Totally understandable. I too have the highest admiration for trans people. Certainly they pay with blood ,sweat and rivers of tears with astronomical suicide rates and face massive discrimination. I certainly did not mean any disrespect and apologize about the insensitive language and tone.

Thank you for this contribution. I am not sure I totally agree with this but you do raise an interesting perspective which may be beneficial to address in some depth at a later stage.
I am inclined to think that we are spiritual entities that - yes - are born for example with a certain gender identity and racial phenotype. However given the human spirit for self determination and the mind boggling advances in genomics I wonder how long it will be before we decide - for example - to choose our phenotype rather than accept what we were given at birth …possibly even create whole new racial phenotypes - say green skin with pink fluorescent hair! lol …a discussion for some other time.


Mucho gracias comrade in struggle. Thank you for the warm welcome.


I read a sci fi once where some people chose to genetically alter their DNA to photosynthesize, and they had green skin.


Yerba mate is from my country, I drink it everyday it has no side effect and all people of my country drink it.