Yerba Mate Helping Brain Damage


Don’t go misattributing my words. I said psychotic episodes can cause brain damage. I did not say you have brain damage. And these supplements can actually be 1000x more dangerous than an FDA approved medication, as I’ve told you countless times.


So what’s that called when I can’t comprehend anything or complete a sentence?


Antidepressants make me suicidal. No supplements I’ve taken makes me suicidal.


With supplements, they mostly come from natural sources, which is NOT a good thing. It means there is no way to verify how much of the active ingredient you’re getting without testing every single plant. And most supplement companies don’t test ANY of their product at all.


NAC is a miracle supplement for me. Just seeing if there is anything out there. For cognitive function.


My ex bf used to drink yerba mate just to ■■■■.


Pooh.toilet paper went kaput.


I don’t have the urge to dop a duke on Yerba Mate, thanks @roxanna


I didn’t misinterpret your words.


Should of put can cause. Sorry. I feel like I opened myself up and said sometimes I felt like a kid and now everyone is treating me like a kid.


Periods of psychosis and depression are most likely causing damage. It’s commonly reported the drop in iq from psychotic events.

As pointed out this obsession with supplements isn’t an even decently approached scientific phenomenon. It’s totally based in rumor and innuendo with no valid scientific backing. Sugar pills are just as likely to work as some of these supplements.

No offence. It really is a slippery slope with a disorder where antipsychotics actually do a lot practically for most folk. Supplements. Probably not!


So why is L Theanine advertised on this site?


You are probably right. I just need all the help I can get.


Some things have had a bit of research. Fish oil and others have had studies. As to effectiveness I’d say that probably or probably not a help. Probably depends on the person.

Alls I’m saying is that orthomolecular leaves a lot to be desired. There is no actual decent research especially when it comes to mental illness. I just personally think it takes a lot of attention away from what is proven science and that means medication.


I’ve taken meds where I wanted to jump off of tall objects or eat sharp objects. That’s never happened with a supplement.


I will say this.i take l theanine and i feel it helps. But thats my opinion.the only supplement i take.


I agree. All I’m doing is trying to find supplements like L Theanine. That really is all I’m doing.


Yerbe Mate probably didn’t help with brain damage. I was probably just experiencing the caffeine.


I’m switching to Green Tea.


Are you trolling …lol

OK you have my attention.

Maybe as a mod you wouldn’t write something so inflammatory without having the scientific evidence that you and @rogueone seem to suggest that supplements don’t have.

Please provide links to prove that supplements mentioned on websites such as that @TheBest referred to , are 1000x (omg ONE THOUSAND TIMES …:slight_smile: more dangerous than FDA approved medication. Supplements on examine have been studied, research articles published and …oh yeah silly me I almost forgot… have been used in some cases for centuries by millions without the horror side-effects that are part and parcel of FDA approved drugs that only pass Phase 2 and 3 trials comprising a handful of participants and over only a few years…

And another thing …what about the list of supps that are on the landing page of this website? Touche …

I await your links…:thinking: