Yep. Nicotine withdrawal

I was going through a box in my closet and a male death threatened me. He said if she keeps on… So I can’t even leave unless someone is with me. Theykeep name calling everyday.

Sick as hell. Got to live under these people.never found the gum.

Very confused by your post. Are you on your meds?

Yes I take my meds.

Can you explain your post to me.

Roxanna, I hope you’ll consider upping your meds next month when you see your doctor. It’s not fair to you to live like this. You deserve so much better.

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I was looking through boxes for my nicotine gum and heard the guy say something negative it bothered me.

I know how you feel @roxanna. Nicotine helps a lot. It helps me get through when I’m paranoid

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They need to go on… Away

I agree with @LED. You need to adjust your meds.

I am worried about you. Are the neighbors still scaring you?

Nag too busy being bitch

I am sorry to hear that. Try to stay calm as possible. When I get stressed I hear more.


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