Yep I'm Weird

I recently believed that there was a war going on and that I was fighting in it. I started carrying a hammer in my belt and then threatened two people with it before the cops came and took me to a mental health hospital nearby. Nobody pressed charges.


It doesn’t sound that you are weird. Rather dangerous. Take your meds before you end up in jail!

I take a shot every month.

I take pills night and day too.

I don’t come here 'cause I’m normal.

Yea best take your meds. That’s schizophrenia for you.

How long were you hospitalized?

omd (oh mon dieu)
god protect you
take care of yourself
and be good if i m to say
dont do any bad things
be moral and you ll be fine
i hope this help

Why would you carry a hammer - of all things - as a weapon?

What did this war entail, in the delusion?

Why did you view these people as a threat to you?

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