Yep I knew it all along

I got implants in me that can probably kill me or make me dumb at any moment I ■■■■■■■ knew it why dont you just kill me right now.

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Relax. Just the illness trying to do your thinking for you. I actually do have an implant in my left shoulder, but it’s just a cardiac pacer that keeps my pump going. Only time I have to worry about it is when a doctor asks me about getting an MRI. Those aren’t safe for me.

Have some tea, chillax, breathe. You’ll be just fine. Take it from someone who has had the same thoughts on and off for over two decades. :smile:



Have you come off your medication or reduced the dose?

Right you some how need to ground yourself. This is a delusion. This is just that ■■■■■■■ illness called schizophrenia. Talk about it to someone close to you to do a reality check. You can do this, don’t worry it’s just the illness.


There’s no implant in your head. You have a brain disease which ironically makes you think that there is an inorganic object in your brain. Trust me, the illness is natural.

It’s a delusion that is caused by schizophrenia. I think most people with schizophrenia have delusions so you are not alone. A lot of us improve as we get older. Medication will help with certain symptoms.

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cc: @revv

I’m glad pixel’s on watch here. (I’ve been grinding elsewhere.) What he says is on the money. The disease lies 99% of the time.

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I hope you feel better soon…

I’ve had a hard time with this one… thinking there were tracking devices in my clothing and then implanted in me when I was asleep. It took a long time to heal from that.

Stuff like implants in the brain to control us just isn’t real. We still control ourselves.

Everything that’s in our brain is all us.

Good luck :v:

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Yeah had that delusion.