Years since i last run?

i hv symptoms or feeling i feel if i go for run but i feel super healthy
thats why voices dont me run ever never
i feel i m dead alive without running
i feel running like free health check
during running you feel all ur body
you feel if there is organ overworking or siffer in ur daily life
and overall health you feel
anyone tell me wt to do !!!


As a former runner myself, I say go ahead and go on that run. Just do it. Stop and walk whenever you have to and then start up again. There’s no better feeling :blush:.


Last time I ran was when I confronted a pit bull off its leash.

I ran as fast as I could! :rofl:


Running is healthy though hard on the knees.

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Yes I love running. It’s my passion of my twenties. Can’t run on aripiprazole. Sad times. But it’s all good, overall.


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