"Yeah, thats about us."

So, i was thinking about an episode of “aqua teen hunger force” that i saw.

In it somebody came to carl and tried to get him to kill the woman from the terminator movie, the being said that it was from the future and to save everyone he had to kill her.

So, they said “yeah, thats about us, really, it really is.” “We do that all the time actually. Yes, the guy on the bus in canada, yes, that was us.”

There was a schizophrenic guy on a bus in canada that cut another guys head off, one of their favorites actually, they really like that one. The guy thought that he was on a quest to save the world from the alien invasion that was taking place, he thought he was the one and he could do it.

But this is seemingly portrayed on a dam cartoon on the cartoon network, same beings actually, they show up and trick people into doing things like that, and people with little to no prevention or knowledge will be more subject to it.

“I can’t believe you are writing this down right now, think that might be a bit dangerous?” They say. “Im suicidal, i am beginning to not care at all, you want me to kill myself right?” I say. “Touche little lion man. Didn’t think you would go that route, or did we know you would, ooooooooooo.” They say.

So im thinking, why would people watch that exactly? A show about them trying or tricking other people into killing them? I mean, if they will do it to any of you why watch it, why pay for it even?

“True. Allow me to explain, they don’t know usually, and if they did they sure as hell do the old “well that won’t happen to me” thing that people love doing so much. But each and everytime they learn that it will happen to them and that they weren’t special. I mean they really love doing that, no desire for anything equality, and we mean nothing, their dopamine gushes when they think someone has it worse or they do or get something someone else doesn’t, just gushes everytime.” They say.

“you know we are watching this. we just might pay you a dam visit for writing this, we aren’t kidding either, do you really want to post this, think it through man.” They said “We can make it hurt little buddy.”

“■■■■ it, im posting it, and when the time comes you’ll get it all back, so why not?” I say.