Yeah, I'm so old, I remember wearing girdles

No kidding, they were a kind of chastity belt making fears of being raped less. There is responsibility to freedom. Not that I’d ever go back to wearing them.


Speaking of old; I had long hair and wore a headband in the seventies. I got called “Hippie” a lot. I’m so old that I remember when BOBBY Bonds was playing for the San Francisco Giants. And the Oakland Raiders were winning Superbowl’s with Kenny Stabler.

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i remember old dial phones, not that i ever used them !!
when you had to go to the bank on a friday to have money for the weekend.
when you had to wind up your car window using a handle !
and going to the bank and asking for a credit card…and the staff just laughing at me, saying " your never getting one "…so rude !?!
take care

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So it’s just an endless cycle where everyone thinks whats happening is normal and cool and then they get old and yell “wtf were we thinking?”

Happens over and over again i suppose.