Yeah, I'm leaving a legacy, but

who’s gonna read it when I’m dead?

my daughter might, just from missing me.

Maybe I’ll get discovered and go down as the next Walt Whitman,
he was never known in his lifetime.


I absolutely love Whitman.


Same with Emily Dickinson. She was a recluse who mostly interacted with people through letters. I am a recluse who interacts through emails and text messages. I write poetry and wonder if someone will find it all and do something with it after i’m gone.

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I think people who did visit the home and knew

released them. She had friends, though nothing intimate.

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I’d read it. And if in the next place there is freedom people like us will always enjoy each others stories… hopefully free of ADHD. Haha

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I would read it. Are you writing a book or do you write poetry? I like both a lot.

yes, I wrote a book of poems on schizophrenia

it’s in hard copy and ebook

most of my other writing is in ebook format on Kindle Store.

I also have a blog of all my creative works.


That’s really cool @Daze. I would definitely read your stuff. I’ve been looking through bookstores to try and find books written by people with schizophrenia, you know, just to see that we’ve been represented in some way…but there are none. What are the titles of your work?

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