Yay I like mushrooms bit random but want to post and kind of interesting



Great news. I’m trying the lions mane mushroom at the moment. I like it!


Lol why’d they put it in quotes?


Mushroom eaters performed better in brain tests and were found to have faster processing speed

Ugh, I hate it when articles do that… How much better?? How much faster??

Someone tell me, am I missing something?


I love mushrooms on pizza. Portabello mushroom caps are good too


I put magic mushrooms on a slice of pizza and ate it.
There’s some kind of joke here but I’m too tired to figure it out. Maybe something about irony or the cost of pizza or the cost of magic mushrooms. I dunno.




Good to know! I make a mean chicken pie where i put in half the meat as mushrooms. Good to know it’s helping in other ways.


I agree that is annoying. Hopefully in the actual article they quantified it…


They taste so funny and have a weird texture…


Lol, my mom and I were watching a documentary and they were talking about people in this active senior center. So basically, the narrator was praising the vegetarian residents over the meat eaters for like 10 minutes, saying how much healthier the vegetarians were and how they lived longer than meat eaters, before finally revealing that on average, the vegetarians lived a whopping four years longer.


Four fu cking years. Like, at this point and with a sample size so small, that could be a complete fu cking coincidence.


I love mushrooms.


I threw vegetarianism out the window this year and I feel great!
cos I don’t feel guilty
unlike last year if I ate meat.

Did u ever try being vegetarian it’s so difficult for me to maintain it, at the start I’m like a pro thou


mushrooms with steak & chips


Me too @Green! I like Lion’s Maine too.


They are the scavengers of the plant kingdom. Gross little things, littering my pizza! There is fungus among us!


Yes, I became a vegetarian around Christmas when I was in 6th grade. I thought the cows would come and kill me if I didn’t. About 9 months in, I was stopped being afraid of murderous cows, and around 2 months after that, I went back to eating meat.

I’m sorry you struggled with guilt when eating meat. Guilt is not a nice emotion, and is often a segue to shame. I’m glad you were able to overcome it.


Mushrooms are great; I fry them up with a bit of spinach, cheese, cayenne pepper and a dash of soy sauce… full of nutrients and so yummy!