Yay I can visit the foster home next weekend

Looking forward to it


That is awesome! I hope you have a good visit!


i needed to answer some questions idk why

I was away for a while, so didnt follow your story. But good luck with it! I hope it works out well for you, I am sure it will.

What kind of questions?

Questions related to wellbeing, depression and alcohol use


And who are you answering them to? I can imagine they could help the foster home take better care of you.

How often will you go there?

The psych ward not the foster home

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I think those are important questions before you visit so don’t worry. They’d ask those questions to a lot of people. I’m glad you get to visit your foster home.

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Yeah me too :slight_smile:

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Excuse me for the question but why are you on foster home?

Because I was stupid and threatened my doc

And what’s the reason you are far from your family?

What do you mean

You threatened your doc and now you are at foster home? Where are your parents?

My mom lives in another city

I’m thankful that I have insight

@Crystal-Cotton , didn’t you threaten your mom?

yes but also my doc

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You’re in a foster home because you threatened your mom. They have to keep her safe until you’re stable for a while

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I am stable and wouldnt do it anymore