Yay for therapy!

So even though I get anxious about therapy as always it turned out great! She supported me against the negative voice and said she doesn’t mind that I hear voices only when he becomes intrusive. She’s working on my socialization skills and reminding me that I do belong and am actually very good with people for someone in my position.we discovered the depression was just from me feeling guilty about who I am and that I am a good person and just judge myself harshly. We laughed about my guilt in taking my sis half cigarettes which she doesn’t smoke anyways but to me it feels like a big sin… She said this has nothing to do with my sz I’m just beating myself up with guilt. And we’re going to work on my outside reality cause I’m someone who has 2 worlds and that’s fine as long as I dont mix the 2 and loss sight of the real world. Love my counsler and am blessed that she listens!
Anyone else have something positive about today… Just want this day to continue upward since its been such a bad week and this is the turn around I needed!


I’m glad you like therapy so far.

Yeah, it’s good to talk things through with a professional sometimes.

I don’t mind my therapist.