Yap!. Yap!.-)+

hey man :slight_smile: power to you, power to the people and not this illness

These labels are not the problem. A culture in ruins is… … …

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very profound, i bought a pin badge recently that said ‘Love, not Labels’ makes sense, there are more important things than that in the world :slight_smile:

To put it bluntly, perhaps., The medications don’t belong to us.

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i’m still grateful :pill:

I got a song for you., Green day-to-day minority. Like? Dislike? And!, Why???.

Hmm. I.n.t.e.r.e.s.t.i.n.g. No replies., Well, how about thus?, I am there most intelligent alien in this universe. The word 'there’s in this post was a terrible mistake!, Fooled you!!!.

Hello peoples. It’s me!. The coolest weirdo on this beautiful green planet. Don’t be shy, say hello., And!, Tell me how you feel about my affirmations. So!. Hit me up!!!.

Hmm. Jump little children 's ‘cathedrals’ is a great song!. Will that help you to say something in this thread???. You can do it!!!. :smiling_imp:

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