Yap!. Yap!.-)+

I have returned. For a lil while at least. As u may or may not have noticed, I type normally now. I have much to share. And., Not much time. I have been working diligently with my therapist. So. Can I say thus???. I. Love. Her. She is my spiritual friend. Best friend even. Don’t get jealous!!!. I know u are…, N e hop don’t be afraid to say hello!. So. Repeat this to yrself. “Welcome home”. Now Imma go back outside, smoke sum smokes, drink mai mountain dew and chill with nature. Brb


Hi. Cool enjoy yourself.

Will do. Thank you sir!.

Welcome back @ATARI !

Welcome back. I type normally too.

Gracias!. K, I got bidness to take care of. Brb (part2)

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Best friends til the end!!!.

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Welcome back! So glad you found a therapist you get along with! It’s such a good feeling to have a good therapist.

She is a clever girl. I respect and admire her… … …

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Wow! Havnt heard from u in awhile! So glad ur doin better…

Hello. I was always in tip top shape. Jus sum confusion between me and the officials. I was in 1984. I still don’t know what book they were in. Probs a textbook. Jus between you and me, I dropped out of highschool.

K. Here’s an affirmation for u “weirdos”. Ahem!. /perfection is a mistake., Are you one of God’s mistakes?./ So. Think!!!. As green day would say, wake up!. Haha God loves you… … …

Your joyous English was fantastic but even as a norm you intrigue me. I hope you are doing well and don’t become a codependent upon your therapist. Hang in there and be well. :slight_smile:

Welcome back! It’s good to be able to understand your posts. I am terrible with symbolism and shorthand.

Welcome back @ATARI!

Hey buddy good to see you!

Sup dude. How come you type normally now?

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Welcome back. :slight_smile:

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Good to have you back with us!

Ahem!. The weirdo to introduce to more weirdos had arrived once again!. With a thank you for the polite acceptances. So!. How this affirmation sound???. \\allow negativity to pass through you, be indifferent to its meaningless purpose\!. Hit me up yo’s!!!.

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