Y'all think I'm getting good care

The free breakfast at my clinic is a bowl of cereal and milk. I’m lactose Intolerant so I use water on the cereal. Client volunteers cook the lunches with food coming from the food bank. They aren’t very glamorous meals, just something like you get at the soup kitchen. It’s a not-for-profit organization that provides my care. They treat homeless people substance abuse, and those on court ordered treatment. I’m grateful for the help though.

I would add I was homeless when I was admitted to this program. I am an alcoholic and attend AA meetings at the clinic.


All the little bits can help to get by. It’s great you have the help of the NGO.

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I think people are too stingy. If there is an overpopulation problem, they should do something sensible about it and not force people to live in misery.

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