Xbox 360 anyone have it

any of the younger SZ recommend any games for me? I’m getting an xbox 360 soon to occupy my time and want some RPG games that are fun to “beat”. Like some zombie shooting games or something cool like that. I’ve heard of Dead Island, and that seems cool but not sure if that’s the best one. Any better recommendations. Like 3 games to start me off with. Thanks a lot.

Mass effect 2 and 3
Halo series
Gears of war series
Oblivion and skyrim

Those would keep you busy.

Left 4 dead was the king zombie title online coop servers should still be up.

Dead rising 1 & 2 also zombie games.

I’ve you’ve got some buddies then cod: black ops zombies is cool. Pretty tricky to get going but once you get the Zeus cannon… Well that shits pretty cool.

Great console.

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Thanks so much. Oblivion will definitely be one of them as I played an older model before and loved it. Great suggestions. Like x2.

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dude grab skyrim for sure. Also pick up darksiders if you want a hack and slash zeldaesque rpg. Also hit me up if you play terreria or minecraft. Im always looking for more MI adults to play with.

My nephew brought his x-box with him when they were here last weekend he had a version of call of duty that had zombies in it. It’s a series of games,

I’m 18, i grew up playing Halo 3 like all day sometimes. In my opinion its the best game ever made.

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I now have an Xbox One, but hardly play it. I mostly use it for Netflix if I feel like watching. Don’t know if the 360 is a good bet now, as backwards compatibility for One is all the rage. I think they’ve come out with the 1 TB version of it already.

I don’t game anymore but the Fallout games and Borderlands are great.