Xanax and perphenazine

I was taking aripiprazole: 30mg and seroquel: 100mg, I was sleeping about 15 hours a day, was very exhausted and motivation free, then I started to take Xanax: 30.5 and perphenazine: 38mg in addition to above mentioned meds, after just 1 day I sleep 9 hours a day, I’m full of energy and very motivated( I’m searching for a job) and I sweat less. I don’t know is it for Xanax or perphenazine or both but this combination makes me alive and happy, it seems that I never had this illness except heavy smoking which reminds me that I should have some problems.


It’s nice when you get a good one.

Both Perphenazine and Xanax have large antianxiety components, by the way.

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Aliali,from your profile picture your a handsome looking guy…but back on topic it’s even better that you found mess that suit you,it’s really hellish to live with the wrong meds,I am still finding a better combination meds but with my current meds it’s ok!

Thanks for your compliment @Mobc1990, wish you find your gold combination soon too, don’t be disappointed and passive and work on meds until you find the gold combination. take care

oh my,what a wonderful ending to such a rough situation…i am very very happy for you…

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