X factor here

we have x factor here. this kid sings perfectly. its a cover this one :smile:
i am telling myself that i am the master of the suffering wow…but it touches a lot of people this kid yeah :smile: you like it?


What is your nationality? If you dont mind me asking?

bulgarian. but my mom is russian. this guy is the same thing -his father is bulgarian and his mother is russian. but i live in bulgaria though :slight_smile:

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Cool! I have to look up where that is.

This site helps with geography knowledge over time.

its on the black sea between romania,turkey,greece, serbia…east europe :slight_smile:

Yeah i saw that…

Bulgaria = Georgi Gospodinov. A writer. Good one. We had to read his “Natural novel” in college.

oh sarad, i never read him… ill do this i think soon. i have troubles reading but ill give it a try… a natural novel is published on the net. i think probably ill buy a ''physics of the grief" of him also. otherwise, my mom told me that he started reading his work in the asylums here, yeah :D.
kisses :slight_smile:

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