Wth wrong with me

Yesterday all of a sudden my concentration went out of ehac … My colleagues were talking about something and I heard something else. I felt confused all day. Didn’t get a lot of work done. At all. And wasn’t following instructions.

i don’t know ish. I hope it was just a bad day and today feels better for you.

Bad hair day… Happens to the best of us. Hope you are feeling better!

I think us sz’s might be more prone to that, but I think it happens to everybody.

I get the feeling like I’m reading the atmosphere in a room wrong alot. I go straight to assuming people are being critical and judging me. I believe that’s a reason us szs isolate more often than not…too much pressure trying to act " normal ".


Yea it’s such a mission and tiring trying to keep up the act of being normal.

I’ve had that happen. It’s scary.

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