Wth is wrong with the school?

When I was in school everyone thought I was a police. 4 classmates told me that, they said my attitude was suspicious, when I was in a different school I had the same problem. Are there any 15 years old police? Also I wanna ask, am I going to be bullied in university? I’m shy, I have a problem with my voice, I can’t talk too much because of my meds and I laugh for no the reason, damn I think I’m going to be bullied so hard

I can’t understand why someone, even an adolescent, would think you were a police officer. Maybe the kids are paranoid, but maybe you’re paranoid. Are you taking the medicines regularly?

Yes I’m taking my meds, but I’m telling the truth, they came and told me that. Maybe it was because I was shy, maybe they told me that just to annoy me. I couldn’t use the bathroom of my school because my classmates were smoking marijuana in there

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Got it. There is still a lot of bullying in school. In college, things get better, but, depending on the course you’re taking, you may face some bullying during the freshmen years. But, during college, bullying is a thing you can ignore and people will leave you in peace.


Ojoh. If you are being bullied, do you simply stop your education and start working? if you get harassed at work, you stop working and then you ask for social benefit. If society wants to bully so badly, then they have to pay goddamn.


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