WTH I'm a senior support worker

So I’m off work from my main job as a senior support worker in a care home lmao. I’m meds and buccal trained.

I have a new job starting soon at the General hospital as a HCA.

LIKE WTH am I doing I’m sz and hear voices when stressed.


Many people with sz are able to work. It sounds like you’re one of them


if you can do it it’s good to keep active with work… i wish i could do it too.

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…You’ve infiltrated the ranks of the Normies, soldier.

Nicely done! :dizzy:


I’d love a job in the care sector,

what does your job entail, sounds interesting

Dont envy you. Used to do 60 hour weeks myself as a carer for the elderly in nursing homes and the elderly mentally infirm. Long before i was diagnosed. Had what was the old NVQ4 qualifications.

Its brutal on the back. Very rewarding tho.


All our residents have challenging behaviour…


Cleaning walls and bums with poo on them.

Resetting rooms with all the furniture turned over.

Being hit hard.

Then being asked to do more than I should be, as management always take the biscuit.

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