Wtf Males can breastfeed!?

I hope Risperdal, by increasing prolactin, won’t make me produce milk…

I thought its not possible bcz males don’t have milk glands but I just read its possible wtf

“Human male breastfeeding is possible, but production of the hormone prolactin is necessary to induce lactation.”
“Male lactation has also been seen during recovery from starvation. This may be because glands that produce hormones recover faster than the liver, which absorbs hormones, leading to high hormone levels.”

“Spontaneous production of milk not associated with childbirth, known as galactorrhea, can occur in males and females.”

I know a gay marriage that is planning to adopt their second child. I wonder if male lactation would interest them.

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They need prolactin injection for that.

hahaha omg just the idea, no only do we have to put up with this ■■■■ in our noggins messing with us, but we might get milky tits haha

Boys I’m gonna make human cheese if I produce milk, and I’m gonna sell it for buckuu bucks, I’m gonna be the first man cheese on the market hahahaha


Yes antipsychotics cause lactation in males my friend is my milk maiden

I am ashamed of this, what if it happens in public? Do I need a bra??

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No need for a bra its best to let it all happen naturally

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It will be very high in protein haha

Hormones can do all kinds of crazy things to your body

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