WTF is happening

It seems like I’m making new enemies every day. I hope I’m wrong. At work I don’t feel like most people hate me. My sisters like me. I’ve known some of my sisters friends for years and they like me. I assume no one on here hates me. But at home, just starting yesterday, the kids across the street may not like me. And the rest of my neighbors hate me.WTF. This is new for me, I’ve lived with roommates for years and never had this problem. I’ve lived in close quarters with both sexes for years too and I got along great

i never planned on this.

A coworker did something pretty bad to me yesterday, that kind of amazed my supervisor.

I think there has been a lot of human badness going around in the last few days.

Why? What is going on? I think that is a deeper topic.

I have my counselor siding with me and telling me she knows that they are bugging me sometimes. I have both sisters telling me half the time that they believe me a little, but then they will say the next day that I’m a imagining it a 100% and it’s all in my head.

You never give concrete examples of how you are being harassed by your neighbors. You just talk in generalities.

We can’t give you any advice when we don’t know what’s happening.

Just sayin…


Laughable. Flagged for suggesting a psychologist.

He gives a lot of concrete examples. They are always the sort of thing that many other people will say is just a coincidence. I try not to jump to that conclusion.

Theres no such thing as the supernatural, and any decent psychologist will agree to that. Its all in your mind.

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There is but we can’t talk about it here.


There is no definitive proof of any supernatural happenings. Just anecdotally. People tend to call anything they don’t immediately understand "supernatural ".

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So what if some people don’t like you. I don’t mean that in a rude way. We on the forum like you. There are gonna be people who don’t like you. It doesn’t devalue you in any way if someone doesn’t like you.


Dear Nick,

I have spots, ya know. Spots where my vision misses the picture.

Sorry this one causes you so much suffering.

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I have a hunch, that you are delusional. :grinning:

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Very true………I just hate to be surrounded by them. I wish I could describe what I think they’re doing. I’ve narrowed it down to either magic, or delusions, or simple intimidation, or mind games, or maybe I’m completely wrong about everything for the past two years. Or maybe it’s just crazy stuff that can’t be explained.

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I believe in the “supernatural”. I mean what did Thor say? Tech so advanced it seems like magic. There are a lot of things we cannot explain. I have a feeling that a lot of here view religious folks or conspiracy folks as stupid or backwards.

Are you sure they don’t like you? Could it be paranoia? I like you.


I’ve watched this off and on for about 5 years or more before finally suggesting a psychologist with certain specific credentials that are distantly related to a topic against forum rules.

Didn’t mean to foment a rebellion against forum rules. Don’t imagine that will happen again for about another 5 years

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If you studied human behaviour in psychology you’d understand that we as humans have motives. If you’ve studied mathematics, statistics and probability then you’d understand that certain events or outcomes occur at random or that the probability of an event or outcome to occur is much higher or lower.

I’m just saying.

I’ve studied psychology, mathematics, and statistics a long time ago.

Motives and probabilities? I’m not sure what you are saying. Seems a bit vague.

Well studying these courses in university will enlighten you as one reflects on what one has learned and apply it to life in general. My take is scientific facts, mathematical equations and statistical events explain most of the daily occurrences in life. Anything supernatural or theological is just pure fiction without measurable, scientific and factual evidence.

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Ah. Well, this is not the place to argue about that. I studied those subjects at a university, and was an agnostic for 18 years. I can identify a bit.

In fact, I suppose I was a bit beyond agnostic. I hated religion. Hated it. I thought it was simply a human attempt to wrongly influence minds.

You sure don’t seem like someone who has written a lot of essays or read a lot on the topics I just mentioned. Sure you read one certain word but do you know the full meaning, definition or elaboration of that one word?