Wtf is going on - concerning the ex

He’s obviously moved on with his life. But he introduced this girl to my bro. And my bro dated her for a while even after me and him broke up. It’s fine I’m not gonna ruin something potentially good for him. But he ended it cos he didn’t trust her. She just liked a pic of mine what the hell?

Is she your friend on that platform?

No she’s not. I not even met her.

Hm, that’s strange. I don’t know if she’s playing games or what. I would ignore it. Some people get off on needling others. I’ve been down that road.

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I would just ignore it, as long as he is leaving you alone and not bugging you

He’s not bugging me he’s out of the picture. But why would she do that when she and my bro broke up? She’s been texting other friends of his so weird

Some people just like drama and attention, I gave up trying to figure it out years ago