Wt colours of your medications?

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Wt colors of your medication tabs and injection ?

Red cpz
Blue triflouperazine
White tegretol
Biperden white

Depot is pink box and inside dark yellow ampoule

Wt about you?

Green - Risperdal 4mg - evenings
White - Risperdal 1mg - mornings

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My brand name Seroquel 200mg tablets are white. I take two in the night.

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My depakote is usually white but when I had it transferred from VA pharmacy to CA one, I got purple pills instead. I hope it’s the same thing, could it be a different generic? I wonder… also the shape of my olanzapine changed too.

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Duloxetine is blue and white sometimes and mint green others

Gabapentin is yellow

Perphenazine is either grey or white

Clonazepam is either yellow or orange

Lorazepam is white

Haldol decanoate is clear

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Sertraline is white.
Paliperidone depot is white.

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Naltrexone is beige
Zoloft is blue
Abilify is pink
My d3 vitamins are gold

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Venlafaxine - Red
Hydroxyzine - Greenish blue

Risperdal = red
Biperiden = white
Prozac = white
Clonazepam = white
Pregabalin = red and white

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My pills are rainbow-colored because they’re magic.


3 are white and 2 are blue.


My Lexapro and Lamictal are white.

Klonopin is either orange or yellow depending on the manufacturer.

Zydus brand generic Haldol is super bright pink. Mylan brand is blue.

Concerta: red

Ritalin: white

Abilify: yellow

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