Wrote a Love Song

Jason and I are celebrating our 4 month anniversary with an overnight trip to Atlantic City. We’re going to go out to dinner, play in the casinos, have a lazy morning in bed, and then go to the outlets. He said to bring a couple days of medicine because if we hit we’ll stay a couple of nights. He’s really good at Blackjack. I’m excited about the whole trip but mostly about the fact that I won’t be driving and the drinks are free so I’m going to enjoy myself. I have a feeling he’s going to give me a promise ring when we go. He mentioned before that he wants to surprise me with one. If he doesn’t, oh well. We’ll still have an awesome time. I wrote a song for him that I’m going to play on my twelve string guitar. I’m going to have my mom video record me playing on my iPod and show him over dinner. I wanted to get everyone’s opinion of the song.

                                The Wave

You hold me in your arms
As we watch the water
I’ve never experienced this kind of love
How appropriate that’s where we connect
It’s symbolic of our love
The waves of love I feel for you
Get stronger with each passing wave
Until the wave that is you
Has knocked me off my feet
And I’m head over heels for you

Ooooh I get lost in those blue eyes baby
Ooooh I’m comforted by your smile :sunny:


I think that’s very romantic and a great gift to him :slight_smile:

I’m sure he will be moved by your sweet words and music!



that’s a lovely gift to give him, it’s very personal and I think he’ll love it.

I agree with the others. I think that Jason will really like your song.

@radmedtech @sohare1981 @shadow2000 Thank you so much! I really think he will appreciate it. All those years of playing the guitar paid off. I was able to use chords in the same key from my experience with learning songs over the years. Jason means so much to me that I can’t wait to see his reaction. Thanks for replying! :sunny:

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This love song is very beautiful and affectionate as well. you have good talent in composing poems. I think your boyfriend will love it.

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