Writing topics in my sleep


Saw this morning that I had tried to write a topic in my sleep. I could not make out what I had tried to say. It was written like a strange language. I have no idea what I wanted to say.

If there are coming strange posts from me, I’m posting in my sleep. :wink:


Hmmm. A “sleepwriter”. Never wake a sleepwriter while they are writing.


last night i rolled two cigarettes and smoked them both halfway, shut the backdoor, god knows what else i did. i must’ve let the dog out for a wee i guess. none of what i do in my sleep makes sense. i’ve driven a few times, make drinks, moved my daughter’s glasses, destroyed my iphone, thrown out food…many more things too. i also talk to people in my sleep with no memory of it the next day…ridiculous stuff. i’ll also eat snacks if i get hungry.


I end up sleep walking and moving things about. Which only makes it worst when I wake up and find stuff where it shouldn’t be.

I’m so glad I have a cool headed roommate to tell me that “No one broke in to move the piano bench, you kicked it out of the way to open the window in your sleep.”

Cool, no one broke in.


Wow I can’t say I’ve ever written anything in my sleep. Very interesting indeed.

I did however a few years ago find a blog of mine still on the internet that I had no memory whatsoever of maintaining. It was rather spooky reading these entries I had written at a time that I had no memory of back in my early 20’s. I mean I can remember conversations I had when I was a little kid, but the time period in which I had kept this blog I had no memory of. I seem to have been drinking a lot and taking heavy doses of benzo’s at the time which might explain my having blacked it all out. It was very weird though, very strange indeed reading those words of mine from such a dark and long forgotten period in my life.


I’m right there with you. I still have all my old journals and reading them is like looking in on a whole different person. I can’t relate to them anymore. I can’t even picture what in the world was happening to me when I was writing it.

Ages 16 to 23 make no sense to me at all, just little glimmers through windows displaying things I can no longer understand.


I rose up several times in my sleep, tried to log in to my account at work and solve some tickets. I didn’t have access at home at the time, so nothing happened. However, when I finally quit that stressful job, I rose and took the computer and shoved it away, in the other corner of the room, all that in my sleep. It didn’t broke, it’s just dented on a side, our accountant uses it now for her stuff.