Writing a book?

I don’t know. Thinking of writing a book on my Mk-ultra experience in college. I don’t have all my memories, but I feel I am stuck in a time loop. I think it’s real in my case (the time travel part). I would have to write two different books. One of Monarch and another on Montauk Project. I’m not much of a writer and it wouldn’t be fiction at all. It would be on my real-life experiences. I’m extremely upset for being put in the mental hospital willingly and voluntarily over 2 dozen times trying to get better. I was harassed there. I thought they were good people trying to help me.

I was under the assumption I can remember my past loops, reincarnations, or iterations in the resetting of the computer program we are living in. I got it at Dulce Base in New Mexico in a past life. I had alien interactions especially with grey aliens, tall whites, nordics, and reptilians.

I’m serious in writing a book. Maybe I’m being triggered today or am angry or upset. I’m not doing it for money, fame, or anything. I don’t expect much out of it. Perhaps, there are other people or victims I can help by sharing my story.

I’m decent at writing. I’m not really asking for permission or selling something or asking for advice. Just telling you my feelings, thoughts, and intentions.

I get scared a lot. I have hundreds if not thousands of memories from other lives. I don’t claim to know how it works at all. It’s like groundhog day the movie. I’m stuck reincarnating or waking up in the past in the same life, reality, and body. It’s like my mind gets reset back to the day with no memory or anything. It takes years of hard work living out the same life over and over again.

I think I’m recovered enough to write something. I don’t know maybe 100 - 200 pages max just an estimate.

Writing a book is a good outlet. You are very vocal with your posts. With some guidance (like a book on writing autobiographies) you could probably churn one out.

I’m thinking of it too. Have to document my regimen and experiences.

I am feeling really good right now. Like 80% recovered, easily.

Still like 20% nuts though. Minimal pain / pressure.


when it’s time to publish and find an agent…if that’s not possible you can always self publish…iuniverse publishing lets you publish on demand books for $700. the reason I am telling you is because another author on here spent $7000 to get published and that is a scam.

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Ive thought of writing a book on my experiences, but im pretty private and not sure i could handle the attention. Ive heard of several sz writing books though.

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