Writing a Book

I’ve been seriously considering trying to pen the tale of my psychotic escapades. But where do I start?

I relapsed 5 times, and each psychotic break was different. Do I lump the whole story into one…or parse it all up into a series of books?

It would definitely be a half tragic/ half comedic adventure for sure.


try a series of books . You’d make more money that way i think .

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That sounds like a cool idea. Good luck to you. :monkey_face::monkey_face::monkey_face:


when I wrote my book about my schizophrenic beliefs I included all my hospital stays and all my delusions whether they were strong (off meds) or when I stabilized a bit in the hospital…put it all into one book…nobody is going to read a series of books unless you hit it big with your book…good luck.


Is your book for sale. Do you have a link to it.


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@November there you go.

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start at the beginning

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So cool! You sound really motivated! Start out by writing two outlines to choose from. First, consider a book which includes all of the psychotic breaks. Plan out the theme/topic/title for 10-12 short chapters. Second, consider a book which focuses on more narrow topics and does not include details of all psychotic breaks. Plan out the theme/topic/topic for 6-8 linger chapters. Let us know how you make out! Would love to see your outlines!


I’ve been going over it all in my head the last couple of days, and it’s becoming overwhelming. I’m not eating, sleeping, showering or shaving.

This will be a massive undertaking and it might end up killing me. And there’s a chance that all of you on this forum might end up being famous. But I believe it’s a story that needs to be told.

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Whenever i get manic i seem to always want to write a book. My problem is that my thoughts are too disorganized. I have lots of creative and inspiring thoughts, just no real way to organize them. I wish you luck in writing your book. Or books. Whichever way you decide to go with it.

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“I relapsed 5 times, and each psychotic break was different. Do I lump the whole story into one…or parse it all up into a series of books?”

thats a good question actually

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