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This was an unfortunate misstep. The moon turned out in fact to not be composed of cheese. The mice would soon face a starvation diet head on as their failure to ration enough cheese led them to finish all supplies halfway into their trip. But they survived because…

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The moon aliens shared their special moon cheese with them

Moon cheese had the added benefit of allowing the mice to breath in the moons atmosphere despite the lack of oxygen.

meanwhile back on earth, Pizza was enjoyed by all


And the mice wrote their memoirs of the experience but they couldn’t agree on the title. But after a brutal fight between Sam the mouse and Johnny the mouse Sam was victorious and he got to name it “Of Mice and Men: the sequel.”

In the aftermath of the confrontation, the mice all agreed that………….


… It was time to reveal what was behind Curtain #1… a beautiful tree decorated with little pots of melted cheese fondue heated by festive candles…


The little mice were in cheese heaven. they nibbled at the drippings and tried to catch some before it hit the floor and hardened.

The mice got schizophrenia from the cheese and had to take antipsychotics and got obese and lost all interest In sex…

…except towards the milfs who…

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… who heaved their big boobies to lure them and …,

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Asked what a MILF was…mouse I’d love…to feed. The mice regained their libidos and procreated generously thus ensuring the economic welfare of the next generation.


Micekind regained a sense of purpose and began to

do the jitterbug

While yodeling the song of their people.

Meanwhile, Peppa Pig and the yellow Teletubby started doing the do in the parking lot of KFC.

they all got out their brass and started playing classic opera in B Minor to the sound of

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a black cat walked past…a black cat walked past…

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And slowly whispered in my ear;

where the fck are me lucky charms?


in the closet behind the oven. but speaking of lucky charms that ole pesky snake is being charmed out of its biting mode only to be lying on its belly beneath the woods looking for a mouse to catch. or a rat. but nobody wanted to volunteer.