Write here what you accept


Write here what you want


I want some triple A batteries so my new clock will work.


I want to get done with my nursing program


You can ask that in your mind for it and you will get it when your mind will create it


Done you have to do your nursing program with positive attitude


I should really have a positive attitude but it is really hard.


I do what’s easy don’t do what’s hard that’s how I make plenty of time for myself to enjoi


Cash, debit, credit card, or other guaranteed funds.

No cheques (that’s ‘checks’ for people who can’t spell), please.



Are you pixel ?


no fools lightly,

‘i aint got time fo dat!!!’


Who’s pixel? I’m MrSquirrel, that furry thing racing around your pants.



Jaffalo the throne of yord is in this town


I want my shoulder to get better.


Aren’t you being a smart*as Mr. Pixel?


I want my internal and external hallucinations / thought broadcastings to stop. I’m trying a certain supplement that raises NMDA receptor density (don’t want to mention it since it’s kind of risky) and I hope it works to stop the hallucinations.


I want restaurant quality nachos whenever I command it. I will accept nothing less.


I know not of what you speak. Besides, I’m too busy playing with my nuts.



Ok Mr. Smartypants


I want a burrito.


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