Write a letter to someone like it's the last time you will speak to them

Dear me,

You’ve been through so much with that girl and you feel depressed by it, confused by it. You feel dependent on those feelings. ■■■■ that depression. ■■■■ that confusion. And ■■■■ that dependency. They think they know who you are. You will mold yourself into a superior being. Look at you, you are at the gym, sculpting yourself. You’re about to enter college this year. And look at that girl, she molested you, blamed you for it, then used you to keep her satisfied. You have the capacity to take care of a person now. You have to learn to take care of yourself at the same time now. Show them where you’re at. Get those dogs outside, get in the gym. We are all here for you.

With Best Chances in Mind,

P.S. Find the middle ground between taking care of yourself and taking care of someone else. Your pets are your best friends. Take them walking, play with them, gain their appreciation. Anything to keep you happy.

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