WOW. These people

So two women are outside my window talking. So what. But they spent an entire 8 minutes talking for my benefit, just so they could drag me down. What the hell do I owe them? When my dad was alive I asked him a serious question. He had been around the block quite a few times.I said, “have you ever seen REAL evil in your lifetime”? He said no. I said, “What about Hitler”? He said, yeah possibly. But I’m starting to think that there are people who runaround feeling: unwanted, small, ignored,…etc. Who just will use strangers to take out their frustration. And yes, maybe there really are evil people. I know we’re all on this little boat we call earth just doing the best we can. But why waste 8 minutes, just to harm one person? And then they go on their merry way. Happy and satisfied. Mission accomplished. I work part time, I live independently, I have a car. But I am not a powerful person. I have little going for me. I can’t afford to be a victim on the whim of some other person. I am the lowest guy at work. I’ll leave it at that. OK, every guy and every GIRL acts like they can kick my ass. I deserve RESPECT just for putting up with EVERYBODIE’S ■■■■.

Do you know that two womem? Does it happen they know you but you don’t know them?

I couldn’t even see them. They were outside my window. If they knew me or not, that is no excuse. This is my life.

They should have discuss among themselves far away from any residential unit or building. They probably offended you because of intrusion to your privacy. It is true, your house is your territory.

Ah.SOMEONE understands!

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nick77, I have been trying a long time to understand what you mean by people “out to bother you” or more. from what you just said I think that you mean that the two women were talking about you? believe me, they weren’t. I think you might need to talk to your pdoc closely on getting your meds possibly upped? I hope you aren’t mad I’m suggesting you are unstable. It’s just what I get from reading your posts a lot.

Thanks, I see him tomorrow. I was asking for opinions. Thanks.

I think 77nick77 is just a little bit more sensitive, as I read he has low self-esteem and low self-confidence.

ok. To clear this up, you have to tell us what the women said.

You really don’t know what I mean, chordy? I don’t know what they said I was trying to ignore them.

I’m right here.

You don’t sound well.

Nick, from reading your posts, I can tell that you have a lot of paranoia - you dont seem to be doing as well as you once did.
Maybe you can tell your pdoc how you are feeling, and he or she could adjust your meds - I personally do not know if the Seroquel is helping so much - Your pdoc will surely be able to help you.
I do not mean to be harsh - just telling you what I have noticed - wishing you all the best


I guess I don’t know what you mean. There’s no law against two women talking.

I’m having a desavue of when my brain was going 90 to nothing and out of control. Not meaning to offend; please take care. Eat consistently, drink consistently, med consistently.

People have done lots of things to me that make me extremely angry. I find that it pays not to dwell on it.