Wow just had a HORRIBLE two hours but at the same time witnessed the best of humanity

First the energy company phoned and said the process to resolve the issues will take a long, lengthy endeavour. The complaints team will get the process rolling with a scheduled phone call on Tuesday.

The prospect of months of unresolved stress broke me down once again. I felt terrible, just awful.

Then my brother in law arrives and says my sister in the village had emergency surgery on Monday for a partially detached retina. I had no idea - nobody had told me.

This news literally floored me and I was physically sick. My immediate thoughts was some malign agent was harming the people I love to engineer a situation where I was compelled to kill myself. It just felt something wanted me to kill myself and if I didn’t more people I loved would get hurt.

So that was the bad part.

Then came angels who restored my faith in humanity.

I phoned my new nurse. Wow she is EXCELLENT truly brilliant. She talked me down and didn’t make me feel like I was burdening the team. She is so experienced and just make me feel safe. We discussed the thoughts I was having and we put a plan in place for the weekend - we are trying to avoid hospital if we can.

Next my sister from England phones. She is a successful banker and works a very high pressure job whilst balancing a young family. I try not to tell her about my stuff because frankly she has enough stress, but honestly guys it was like she was destined to phone at this time to help me.

I explained the situation and she was like, ‘look I will deal with the energy company entirely from this moment on. You will not have to make another call or anything’.

She explained companies in Britain now have to make special consideration to vulnerable adults. It is a major thing now. She said as soon as the energy company calls on Tuesday at the very start of the conversation say I am a vulnerable adult with disabilities which make me functionally unable to handle stressful situations. And to give them her number and let her deal with it all.

The relief from this just made me want to cry. I literally hadn’t spoke to my sister in a year and here she was stepping up to help me. An absolute angel.

So I have gone from despair to absolute faith in humanity in 2 hours.

It’s a funny old world.


You keep being tested and you keep being lifted up at each turn. You’re gonna be just fine. You’ve got good luck on your side right now I think.

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Hey @anon35166066 I’m glad you got the support when you really needed it, sorry to hear about your sisters eye though, I hope she is ok, give her your love if you can, take care mate.

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The operation was a success but she is recovering from the general anaesthetic. She is back to work, all be it part time. Am going to see her tomorrow

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