Wow it's working! Update and not doing so well

I had problems viewing the group website and thought it’s over. My web browser too old but now it’s working again! I’m so glad! I needed you guys so bad, it’s been really hard

Yesterday I saw psychologist for first session. It was just assessment to get my basic info and psych history. Next week we will finish it and he will assign me therapy types I need.

I feel awful. Rock bottom. Want to stay in bed all day. Never get up except for eating and reading and loo. I’m so demotivated I could die. I have nothing to live for. Worse, is hubby asked what is positive things about my illness I didn’t want meds to take away and I told him about the good spirit Sarah. Then he wanted me to let go my two spirits in my head and I said I can’t, they are my reality. How can he expect me to let them go? They’ve been there almost all my life! I don’t want them to go… :sob:

I told hubby I want to harm myself and he says he wants to check up on me more now when I’m alone. I have repeated urges to harm myself . Hubby very sad and I loathe sex too turn him down and I hate myself for that. I’m cursed :sob:

Your prognosis is complicated. You don’t want to stop hearing voices.
Best wishes, but you need to find some treatment that will stop your voices.

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don’t psychologists just check IQ?

it’s all bunk anyway.
if you’re on disability, they just check to see
if you’re still disabled.

it may be required.

be good to your man, sounds like he’s good to you.


@eighteyedspy23 I don’t know if it’s hearing voices proper, it’s more like internal communication… But it’s mostly comforting unless I’m off meds. Maybe I can stay on meds if communication comes through still… I tried lowering my amisulpride slightly earlier this week but it didn’t make any difference and I’m on correct dose again

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Hoping the best for you. We are warriors!

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Thank you @hithere

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