Wow, bad after realizing all the damage i carry

I am to the point that I almost have tics of nervousness in front of my mom. The only person to whom I can be quite open. Yes, I guess I am paranoid. In some moments, I feel as a sinner now. Idk if somebody can fall down to this state :confused: . Ill take my meds now I guess and maybe do my home bycicle. Staying alive its still fragile cause I see how fragile is the life for everybody else too.
I guess I am very anxious, is that right? The Ativan relives this, but on the next day of him I start crying cause the emotions return with a strength and pain.
waheter. don’t want to make you sad, I am just wondering if one day ill be able to get on my feet a bit stronger.

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Don’t even think of not getting better, tics are not harmful but even good, they release trapped energy in your body, decrease the anxiety and will help you get better overall but have their time to come and go,
Others are not so fragile and if they are you have the responsibility to protect them, also this needs time, maybe even up to 5 years, in case of me it took 14 years to again feel strong,
We are all with you and this illness is not unbeatable,


Try l theanine … its researched in and ncbi.


Oh, thank you dear Aliali!!! :slight_smile: yes, tics relieve the energy I guess :slight_smile: . 15 years of mi is a lot, no? So I cant count to fight for 5 years and eventually go better with this time? I am 35 years old, it will be good if I am better in my fourties :slight_smile: Yes, in my case, the meds don’t do very much their work. But without them, its very bad too.
Far, ill talk to my doc but even the most natural supplement who are lifting, increase my fears. Ill see what I can do.


I will post a list of psychoactive herbs which I used some of them and they helped me getting stronger soon on forum,
Get help from them too,

Hang in there. I know you are struggling and things are rough. You probably are experiencing anxiety. You are lucky you have ativan to fall back on. A lot of people have pdoc that won’t prescribe benzos.

Good luck with the home bycicle

My pdoc refuses to give me benzos.

I suppose I should be grateful as they can cause serious harm

I was desperate a few years ago but they refused to give me benzodiazepines
Now I’m glad they didn’t as I manage without


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